Posters presented during the 7th International Phosphorus Workshop IPW7, Uppsala, Sweden, 9 - 13 September 2013,
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At present a pdf of 57 out of the 91 posters (63 %) is available, see below.

n.a. = no pdf of poster available yet; pdf = pdf-version of poster; unp. = pdf retained, poster contained too many unpublished results [now: 6].
Numbers refer to page number of abstract in book

Names of first author and [if applicable] presenting author are given.

pdf - 70 D. Abdi - Canada
Impact of continuous application of papermill and liming materials on soil microbial community structure and biomass C, N and P
pdf - 71 F. Amery - Belgium
Reaching the target soil phosphorus concentration zone for optimum crop yields and limited P losses to water
pdf - 72 H. Andersson - Sweden
Topsoil and subsoil properties influence phosphorus leaching from four agricultural soils
unp. - 73 Y. Audette - Canada
Effect of animal manure composts on soil phosphorus chemistry and the current soil P test in Ontario, Canada
pdf - 74 M.J. Beltran - Argentina
Phosphorus supply to the soil by a compost of poultry manure
pdf - 75 M.J. Beltran - Argentina
Spatial variability of phosphorus in different soils of Argentina Republic
pdf - 76 M.S.A. Blackwell - UK
Measurement of 13 C and 15 N stable isotopes to examine the spatial functionality of riparian buffer strips as part of the UK DEFRA Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) project
n.a. - 77 A. Kulasova - Czech Republic
Phosphorus losses from catchments with low and high agricultural intensity - rainfall simulation plot study
pdf - 78 R.B. Brennan & A. Sharpley - USA
Developing relationships between stream water phosphorus and ecological endpoints in Ozark headwater streams
n.a. - 79 C. Buckley - Ireland
Phosphorus balances and use efficiencies across grass based dairy production system in the Republic of Ireland
pdf - 80 A. Bus - Poland
Submerged filters for phosphoruous removal from small water bodies
pdf - 81 A.N. Cambouris & N. Ziadi - Canada
Micro-variability of soil P distribution in a long term experimental site from eastern Canada: comparison between no-till and mouldboard plough plots
pdf - 82 P.A. Chambers - Canada
Seasonal variation in phosphorus export from agriculturally-dominated watersheds in the northern Great Plains, Canada
pdf - 83 W.J. Chardon - The Netherlands
Immobilizing soil phosphorus for nature development
pdf - 84 R.-M. Couture - Norway
Linking the benthic cycling of P to its surface water dynamics in lakes
pdf - 85 M.C. del Campillo - Spain
Extraction with 0.01 M CaCl2 generally results in underestimation of soil solution P concentration
unp. - 86 R. Recena & A. Delgado - Spain
Factors affecting the predictive ability of the Olsen test in representative Mediterranean soils
unp. - 87 A.M. Garcia-Lopez & A. Delgado - Spain
Effect of the bicontrol agent Trichoderma asperellum T34 on the P uptake by plants from different sources
unp. - 88 A.M. Garcia-Lopez & A. Delgado - Spain
Effect of different microorganisms on the uptake of phosphorus by plants from insoluble calcium phosphates
unp. - 89 R. Recena & A. Delgado - Spain
Inorganic and organic fractions in representative Mediterranean soils
pdf - 90 D.G. Doody - Northern Ireland
Achieving environmental and agronomic soil P targets under a zero P application regime
pdf - 91 B. Eichler-Löbermann - Germany
Phosphorus fertilizing effects of biogas digestates
n.a. - 92 A.K. Eriksson - Sweden
Mineralogy and phosphorus speciation in some Swedish agricultural soils
pdf - 93 A. Etana - Sweden
Impacts of soil management - where is the phosphorus?
unp. - 94 D. Fiala - Czech Republic
Simple approach for direct measurement of phosphorus settling velocity
pdf - 95 F. Gil-Sotres - Spain
Temporal variation in the P source factor in a small grassland watershed
pdf - 96 F. Gil-Sotres - Spain
Possibility of inclusion of particulate P loss in the estimation of P source factor
pdf - 97 M. Gasiorek - Poland
Soil solution phosphorus dynamics in soils enriched in this element
pdf - 98 G. Heckrath - Denmark
Filter system for phosphorus in drainage waters – a pilot study
n.a. - 99 L. Heiberg - Denmark
Fast spatial-temporal variation in iron(III) reduction and phosphorus solubility in a seasonally flooded Danish wetland soil
pdf - 100 M. do Carmo Horta - Portugal
Potential soil P transfer to runoff water in areas fertilized with organic residues
pdf - 101 B. Huang - China
Accumulation, losses and environmental risks of soil phosphorus under intensive vegetable farming
pdf - 102 L.A. Jackson-Blake - UK
How useful are complex process-based catchment-scale phosphorus models?
pdf - 103 K.M. Johannesson - Sweden
Phosphorus and particle retention in constructed wetlands – a catchment comparison
pdf - 104 A. Milver - Sweden
Catchment modelling in two agricultural catchments – do local data improve modelling and what dynamic and spatial processes can be estimated by modelling?
n.a. - 105 C. Jouany & N. Ziadi - France
Evaluation of phosphorus nutrition index as a tool for P nutrition diagnosis in permanent grassland
n.a. - 106 J.-S. Kim - South Korea
Comparison of phosphorus runoff from a korean rice paddy watershed during storm events between the growing and non-growing seasons
n.a. - 107 C. Kjaergaard - Denmark
Wetland restoration - a new model for predicting phosphorus release rates
n.a. - 108 C. Kjaergaard & G. Heckrath - Denmark
Drainage filter technologies to mitigate site-specific phosphorus losses
pdf - 109 A. Klimeski - Finland
Upscaled application of Sachtofer PR as phosphate binding filter
n.a. - 110 M. Klinglmair - Denmark
Phosphorus, agriculture & organic waste: a Danish P balance
pdf - 111 K. Kynkäänniemi - Sweden
Phosphorus retention and sediment resuspension in constructed wetlands – a method comparison
n.a. - 112 P. Leinweber & I. Kraemer - Germany
The Leibniz Science Campus „Phosphorus-Research-Rostock“ – a new multidisciplinary research platform in Northeast Germany
pdf - 113 H.J.S. Lilja - Finland
Erosion mapping in Finland with Rusle erosion model at scales 100 m and 2 m: critical source areas
pdf - 114 I. Litaor - Israel
The impact of ornithogenic inputs on P transport from altered wetland soils to waterways in east Mediterranean ecosystem
n.a. - 115 J. Liu - Sweden
Catch crops for phosphorus under cold climate THIS POSTER WAS NOT PRESENTED
n.a. - 116 D.G. Lumsdon - UK
A soil surface complexation model to derive a P sorption index for Scottish soils
pdf - 117 N.C. Marcante - Brazil
Phosphorus use efficiency by rice and bean cultivars measured by isotope technique 32P
n.a. - 118 R. Mazurek - Poland
Effect of shelterbelts on phosphorus availability in arable soil
pdf - 119 S.J. McCall - UK
Phosphorus limitation of benthic algae in UK rivers
n.a. - 120 M. Shore & P.-E. Mellander - Ireland
Source and transport factors influencing storm P losses in small agricultural basins
n.a. - 121 A.J. Messiga & N. Ziadi - Canada
Kinetics of P depletion following sequential extractions with Mehlich-3 and Olsen solutions
n.a. - 122 A.J. Messiga & N. Ziadi - Canada
Relationship between soil P and the P budget for a grass sward with varying N applications
n.a. - 123 P.N.C. Murphy - Ireland
Managing legacy soil phosphorus in grassland soils for agricultural productivity and environmental quality: a review
n.a. - 124 P.N.C. Murphy - Ireland
Phosphorus management, changes in soil P status over time, and stream P loss in an intensive dairy catchment
pdf - 125 D. Müller-Stöver - Denmark
Plant phosphorus availability in low-temperature biomass gasification ashes
n.a. - 126 M. Nausch - Germany
Phosphorus speciation in German rivers discharging to the Baltic sea
pdf - 127 P.S. Pavinato - Brazil
Tillage system effects on soil phosphorus availability in Brazilian savanna
pdf - 128 S. Pietrzak - Poland
Phosphorus content in runoff from arable land in the Westpomerania region of Poland
pdf - 129 A.F. Rangel Becerra - Germany
Impact of mineral fertilizer integration with farmyard manure on crop yield and soil P pools in a long-term trial in Germany
n.a. - 130 J.E. Cano-Bernal - Finland
Is nutrient recycling a way to decrease P losses to the Baltic sea?
n.a. - 131 K. Rankinen - Finland
Evaluation of agri-environmental methods to reduce phosphorus losses at field and catchment scale
pdf - 132 A. Renman - Sweden
Reactive bed filters for the removal of P in agricultural runoff – the binding efficiency at low concentrations investigated in laboratory and field experiments
pdf - 133 M. Renneson - Belgium
Can long-term experimental plots demonstrate the sustainability of different phosphorus inputs?
pdf - 134 M.I. Requejo Mariscal - Spain
Distribution of organic phosphorus forms in soil after 12 years of organic fertilization
pdf - 135 M.U. Riddle - Sweden
An indoor lysimeter study of four catch crops and two soils exposed to freeze–thaw cycles
pdf - 136 M. Roboredo - Portugal
The residual effect of different animal manures on soil P distribution within the labile and moderately labile Hedley P fractions
pdf - 137 G.H. Rubæk - Denmark
Spatial distribution of soil phosphorus in agricultural fields
pdf - 138 M. Räty - Finland
Identifying phosphorus load from grasslands to inland waters in small agricultural catchment in central Finland by continuous monitoring system
pdf - 139 K. Saarijärvi - Finland
Efficiency of ferric and aluminium sulphate in reducing P load from high soil P-status grassland tested on a surface runoff simulator (SIMU)
pdf - 140 V.K. Seppänen - Finland
The field scale phosphorus leaching model ICECREAM improves the water quality simulation of the Finland wide VEMALA modeling system
pdf - 141 T. Sheil - Ireland
The effect of soil fertility levels and nitrogen, phosphorus and lime application rates on herbage production and herbage phosphorus content
n.a. - 142 N. Ziadi - Canada
Phosphate desorbed from anionic exchange membranes over winter as affected by tillage and fertilization
n.a. - 143 A. Shkaruba & V. Kireyeu - Hungary
Governance context of phosphorus management in the basin of Neman in Belarus - Institutional barriers to technological and behavioral innovation in agricultural BMPs and local wastewater treatment
pdf - 144 A. da Silva & N. Marcante - Brazil
Efficiency of phosphorus uptake by wheat cultivars assessed by the 32P dilution technique
pdf - 145 D.R. Smith - USA
A phosphorus balance for fields and watersheds in the St. Joseph River watershed, USA
pdf - 146 L. Stjernman Forsberg - Sweden
Halving of P losses after implementation of mitigation measures in a small agricultural catchment in Sweden
n.a. - 147 M. Stutter - UK
Alternative sources of phosphorus for soils: assessment of P forms and usage constraints
n.a. - 148 M. Stutter - UK
Soil susceptibility to P losses by leaching: from geochemistry to working with farmers
n.a. - 149 A. Svanbäck - Sweden
Long-term trends in phosphorus leaching following phosphorus fertilization drawdown
n.a. - 150 G. Toor - USA
Phosphorus transport from septic drainfields to groundwater
pdf - 151 J. Uusi-Kämppä - Finland
Grass cutting date affects phosphorus release to runoff from frozen and thawed regrowth
pdf - 152 C. van der Salm - The Netherlands
Changes in soil phosphorous pools on grazed grassland after 15 years of maintenance fertilization
pdf - 153 A. Villa - Sweden
Estimation of soil and unreactive phosphorus losses from agricultural fields using a simple soil test
pdf - 154 R.L. Walker - UK
A comparison of two commonly used advisory soil extraction methods on a range of agricultural soil samples: implications for fertiliser P recommendations and system P use efficiency
n.a. - 155 D.P. Wall - Ireland
Increasing the efficiency of phosphorus in arable crop production across typical soil phosphorus fertility gradients in Ireland
pdf - 156 J.J. Wang - USA
Minimizing phosphorus mobility in animal manure and animal manure-impacted soils using bauxite residues
n.a. - 157 E.M. Whitefield & J.P. Jarrett - US
Understanding the reasons for inclusion of phosphorus in US dairy rations
pdf - 158 E. Widén-Nilsson - Sweden
Adaptive modeling of phosphorous reduction targets in Svärtaån catchment
pdf - 159 K. Ylivainio - Finland
From waste disposal to scientifically justified use of phosphorus in animal manure
pdf - 160 T. Zhang - Canada
Soil phosphorus losses in surface runoff and tile drainage as related to organic amendment addition and water management
pdf - 161 T. Zhang - Canada
Cumulative contributions of various forms of swine manure to soil test phosphorus in a clay loam soil under long-term corn-soybean rotation